Galerie Trisomie in Kooperation mit CTM/ Transmediale Vorspiel präsentiert:

Waschzwang Aktiv #1
An evening of abstract live music featuring members of the Waschzwang collective.


Helge S. Hammerbrook
Helge Siehl has been playing dark ambient and industrial music since 1987. He has mainly been active as 100SCHOEN and as part of Maeror Tri. He works as a musician and as a painter.
Occupied Head
Occupied Head is Dieter Mauson from Hamburg who was active with the solo project Majestic Twelve in the 90ths. Dieter is also part of the following duos: Nostalgie Éternelle, Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide, Opfer der Hingabe and 7697 Miles.
The berlin based experimental project Osscile works in the tension field of deconstructive electronic music, minimalism and ritual noise.
Schwall & Halber Ball
The two Waschzwang co-founders are a delight to be around. Schwall plays no-tech drones that fit in every back pocket. Halber Ball plays weightless dubs at 160 bpm.
TinTin Patrone
TinTin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer, musician, actress, film and music producer as well as painter, performance artist and author. Patrone founded the group Krachkisten Orchestra in 2009, the International MusicMotorcycleClub in 2012, and runs various musical and artistic individual projects in parallel. The connections between music, art, sound and experimental gesture is the general field TinTin Patrone is interested in. One focus of her creations lies on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence and how we relate to music individually and as a society.

Programm Eröffnung 24.11 ab 17:00 Uhr

Jonas Meyer - live - Synth / Ambient / Drone

Ansgar Wilken - live - Cello / Perkussion

Cimon Smid - live - Improvisation

und weitere...